Email Marketing: Is It Dead? 5 Reasons It Still Works in 2019

A lot of things died in 2018. The dab (hopefully). Flossing (the dance – please keep taking care of your teeth). The ability to plug our headphones into a phone jack.

But how about e-mail marketing? Is it dead? 

It’s reported that worldwide, three billion people will be using the internet by 2020. So the answer is: no, it’s not.

Get it Started

It also turns out that 205 billion e-mails are sent every day. Yours should be some of them. Here’s why.

1. Everyone Uses It

Well, almost everyone. A whopping 73% of millennial consumers prefer email communication from businesses, which means that it’s the primary messaging source for businesses and individuals alike.

Since everyone is using e-mail, you need to be using it too. Let people know about your business or product by sending them information where they’ll actually check it.

2. You Can Afford It

Many platforms like Instagram and Facebook offer you advertising opportunities, but they come at a cost.

E-mails are usually free to send out. When you get a mailing system like Mailchimp, you’ll be paying somewhere in the range of ten dollars a month. 

For something that everyone constantly uses, this is a pretty low price point that could potentially give you an extremely worthwhile return on investment.

3. It Has a History

E-mail marketing has been around for over forty years. Back then, e-mail was the primary messaging source, and still remains that way to this day.

When something is already established as the prime method of communication, people tend to keep viewing it in that light. Because people know and respect e-mail, they’re going to keep thinking of it as an authoritative source. 

If you don’t know how to start sending out e-mails to use them to your advantage, get someone who does. Again, emails tend to have a large amount of ROI, so the investment that you put in with getting a company to help you is worth it.

4. The Word Gets Out Fast

About fifty per cent of e-mails and growing are opened on mobile devices. And you know you’re always on your phone. Many e-mails are opened within minutes of sending them out.

While other forms of marketing might take a long time to give you ROI, e-mails can be extremely fast because they are sent immediately and opened almost immediately to make a quick connection with your customers.

5. You Can Run Analytics

When you use e-mail marketing to your advantage, you’ll know that answer to “is it dead” is no.

Once you run several campaigns, you’ll be able to see your open rates and your click-through rates to gauge how your audience feels.

Send Them Out

Now that you know the answer to “is it dead?” for e-mail marketing is a resounding “no,” you need to get started on a campaign of your own.

The new year is the best time to revamp whatever digital marketing plan you have in action and make changes for the best. Don’t wait until February or March. Get your fresh start now.