5 Tips for Planning Your Social Media Strategy in 2019

Have you planned your social media strategy for 2019?

If you’re thinking about your plan for the new year, you can bet your competitors are too. Now is the time for action. Although you know what you want to achieve, it can be quite challenging to know exactly where to start.

Fear not! We’ve put together our best 5 tips for planning your social media strategy in 2019.

1. Audit 2018

Look back over 2018 and view your social media performance. Understand your successes and failures.

You want to see where you’ve driven traffic, generated leads, and increased conversions. Also, consider user accessibility. How can you improve the customer experience on your website?

Next, check that these results are in line with the goals set in 2018. High numbers of likes and shares are great. But, you want to make sure each campaign is achieving the objectives you set.

2. Define 2019’s Goals

Work out what you want your social media strategy to achieve this year. Do you want to increase brand awareness? Drive more traffic to your website? Boost sales? Use the audit of the previous year to help form your goals.

This will give a clear idea on what to focus on. You want to improve weaker areas and drive successes forward. Try using S.M.A.R.T criteria to make progress easier to track.

3. Invest in Content

Content must stay engaging and creative to get the best results from social media. Make sure you are giving your content the investment it deserves.

Entertaining graphics and photo shoots are a great start. Make use of videos as they are a must-have trend. Look at your audit and see what your target audience respond to best and build on it.

4. Make a Content Schedule…

…And stick to it. It’s all well and good making a social media strategy but it has to work your business. You don’t want to be too ambitious or not ambitious enough. Figuring out a content schedule will go a long way to finding something realistic and that works.

Schedule what type of content you’re going to post and when. This will help with consistency and retaining your audience. You also won’t deal with content gaps and not knowing what to post!

5. Keep an Eye on the Competition

What are they doing well? Can you improve upon what they are doing? Looking at competitors provides opportunities that you might not have thought of.

Don’t take what they are doing as the certain way to do things, what works for them might not work for you. See where you fit into the mix but don’t think you need to be doing the exact same things.

Getting That Winning Social Media Strategy in 2019

So there you have it. If you follow these tips you will be sure to form a winning social media strategy for 2019.

Make sure you learn from the results of last year to improve and be sure to build on those successes. Set goals and schedules, but be realistic!

If this has made you think about improving your overall online presence, check out the services we offer. We can help with brand development, content management, and more to give you the reach you deserve.